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I've come to realize that I'm more open-minded than the majority of people around me. Things I've liked and enjoyed have always been looked down upon, judged, and I found that I have higher tolerance for the world than most people. It's not a bad thing, I'd even say it's a very good thing, but it's made me feel alienated for a long time.

I am a woman girl who just entered her twenties. I don't consider myself a woman and my mind hasn't reached that status either. I have a lot of problems that most twenty-something people don't have, at least not at my degree. Problems I have trouble talking about outside of the internet, which in itself is a very important problem. I suffer from Avoidant (or Anxious) Personality Disorder, which stops me from doing many things that people in their mid twenties are doing - school, work, having friends, talking to people. It has caused me a lot of trouble and is in no way even treated. I'm trying, but you see, picking up the phone to call a psychologist (who is not the one at the university I'm not attending anymore) is very nerve-wracking for me. I also have EDNOS, and I'd like to say I'm the restrictive type (which is sick in itself), but lately I've been prone to lean towards BED. I have a lot of family issues, mostly about getting away from my family. Oh, and I like both boys and girls - that's not a problem for me, but apparently, society thinks it is.

All in all, I'm kind of fucked up.

As for my interests, most of them lie in television (I am currently crying as I wait for the second season of Mad Men to come out on DVD goodbye $40), movies (mostly the actors and actresses, let's be honest here) and music (I might be in love with a korean pop band). The interests of all the best introverts. And don't forget tea. Tea is crucial.

But I like writing. And rambling, and just typing. So on this blog that's what I will do. It might go from posts about my depression to album reviews, I don't really know. But I guess we'll find out.

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